At this time, our office remains open to serve our patients. We have divided our office with one side for well check-ups and one side for sick visits. We ask that our patients call the office when they arrive and remain in their cars until a room is available. We are also available for Telemedicine in appropriate cases.


We offer immunizations for all children ages 0-21. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends vaccinations as one of the most important preventatives in pediatric care. When your child is due for his next scheduled immunization, call ahead, and we will be happy to accommodate you with a scheduled appointment.

Visit the Louisiana Department of Health for more information on immunization schedules.

Hearing and Vision Testing

We offer routine vision and hearing screenings. We also offer screenings in conjunction with chronic conditions such as ear infections, which can impact a child’s hearing. Screenings are important because they can find underlying conditions before they present in other ways. All tests are done in our office.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control for more information on hearing and vision screenings.

Weight Management

We offer counseling for healthy weight management for your child. This includes standard BMI tracking from age two-years. We also measure your child’s height. This gives us a snapshot, early on, of your child’s rate of growth based on the CDC’s growth charts for children and teens. We will work with you to find the right plan to keep your child at a healthy, sustainable weight.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control for more information on BMI calculation.

Asthma Care and Management

We offer complete care for patients with asthma, a common long-term childhood disease. Our medical staff is prepared to assess, diagnose, treat, and help you manage your child’s asthma, so that you can send him out into the world each day, to perform his daily routines with confidence.

Visit the CDC to learn more about Asthma treatment.

ADHD care and management

We offer ADHD care and management. We follow guidelines and best practices set forth by the AAP and work closely with parents to manage this diagnosis in all facets of care. Call our office for questions regarding ADHD care and management.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control for more information on ADHD.